Lee tries, discards methods to improve as free throw shooter

If this is going to be the Year of Marcus Lee, as Kentucky Coach John Calipari has suggested, the junior forward will have to dramatically improve as a free-throw shooter.

Lee made only 36.6 percent of his free throws in his first two seasons. Last season, he made only eight of 25 (32 percent).

When asked at SEC Media Day Wednesday about improving his free-throw accuracy, Lee said, “It’s just like every other part of your game. You have to work at it and you have to figure it out.”

Lee suggested that he’s done extensive experimentation to find a way to be a reliably accurate free-throw shooter.

“I had to test a whole bunch of different ways and figure out what works  best for me,” he said.

Lee suggested that there’s no one way that works for all shooters.

“For everybody it’s different,” he said. “It’s just finding a way for you to control your mind and calm yourself down to get ready to shoot the shot.”