SEC: Record $309.6 million will be distributed to 14 schools

Commissioner Mike Slive announced Friday that the Southeastern Conference will distribute a record $309.6 million to its 14 schools.  The dollar figure is based on the revenue sharing plan for the 2013-14 fiscal year which ends August 31, 2014.

The $309.6 million includes $292.8 million distributed from the conference office, as well as $16.8 million dollars of contracted revenue retained by institutions that participated in 2013-14 bowl games.

The average amount distributed from the SEC office, excluding bowl money retained by participating teams, is slightly over $20.9 million per school.

Revenue streams represented in the distribution include football TV contracts, the SEC Football Championship game, televised basketball games, the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament, NCAA Championships and a supplemental surplus distribution.

Revenues derived by member institutions from their local media packages are also not included in the total amount.

The $309.6 million continues a trend of ballooning revenue. Only five years ago, the SEC distributed $165.9 million to its schools. That number rose in 2010 ($233.3 million), 2011 ($248.1 million), 2012 ($256.9 million) and 2013 ($304.7 million).