Young laments lapse in shot confidence

After making three of 13 shots (zero of three from three), Kentucky wing James Young said he needed to bolster his confidence.

“I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my shot,” he said after UK beat Kansas State Friday night. “I was leaning back again. It was just poor confidence in my shot and lack of focus…”

Young, who made 15 of 33 shots in the SEC Tournament the previous weekend, said he generally feels confident warming up.

“Before the game, I’m hitting every shot,” he said. “Once the game starts, I lose focus or I kind of get carried away, and try to do too much.”

No such problem occurred prior to coming to college, he said.

“It’s been like this all season for me,” he said. “Up and down. I just have to stay consistent with my jump shot, and not lean away, and stay confident in my shot.”