Cal: Andrew Harrison ‘finally getting it’

Although Kentucky had only two transition points (thanks to Willie Cauley-Stein’s steal and driving dunk), John Calipari lauded point guard Andrew Harrison for looking to exploit any fast-break opportunities.
“Andrew is finally getting it,” Calipari said. “. . . What he did is what I’ve been asking him to do. Get ride of the ball. Don’t be a ball stopper. No one in the country wants to play with a ball stopper. They don’t. If you have a play to make, make it. If not, get rid of it. He did that today.”
Calipari said twin brother Aaron Harrison held the ball too long at times.
“He was the ball stopper today,” the UK coach said. “Andrew was not. (He) threw it ahead (and) made the quick play.”
Calipari likened Andrew Harrison to one of his point guards at Memphis, Tyreke Evans. Both had to change their games to better use their natural speed.
“Both had habits you had to crack,” Calipari said. “Both of them had the mentality of how to play the game that was kind of opposite to what it needed to be.”
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