Sportswriter drops UK from top 25 ballot

Kentucky’s loss to Baylor led sportswriter Aaron Brenner of  the Charleston (S.C.) Post & Standard to drop Kentucky from No. 4 to off his top 25 ballot in The Associated Press media poll.

UK simply has not beaten anyone of consequence, Brenner said. Once that happens, perhaps at North Carolina on Saturday, Brenner said, he might join all the other voters in the AP poll and include the Cats.

“More than anything else with Kentucky, they’re all very young,” Brenner said Monday. “They’re going to have to go out and earn it.”

Brenner also said he trusted UK Coach John Calipari to make Kentucky a Top 25-worthy team.

Kentucky fell to 7-2 when it lost Friday to Baylor, 67-62 ,  in Dallas.

“Not a terrible loss,” Brenner said. “But it was one you’d expect a No. 4 team to win.”

Kentucky fell from No. 3 in last week’s AP poll to No. 11. That marked the first time this season that UK has fallen out of the top 10.

Brenner, who covers Clemson, is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin (class of 2009). He covered Auburn last season for the Columbus (Ga.) Ledger-Inquirer.

To drop Kentucky from No. 4 last week to off his ballot this week led to a phone call from the news service.

“AP checked to make sure it wasn’t an accident,” Brenner said.