Defining terms, technically speaking

Here’s how the supervisor of SEC officials, Gerald Boudreaux defined the various technical fouls.
Flagrant 1 is the old intentional foul, two shots and the ball.
Flagrant 2 is excessive and also severe or extreme and comes with an automatic ejection and two shots.
Unsporting Technical is usually, profanity, taunting, baiting, etc. Dis respecting an opponent or the crowd.
Those three examples of technical fouls occurred in the UK-Auburn game Saturday.
With 1:12 left in the first half, Auburn’s Jordan Granger received a flagrant two technical foul. UK’s Archie Goodwin received a unsporting technical foul.
Then with 13:53 left in the second half, the referees hit Auburn’s Frankie Sullivan with a flagrant one technical foul.