Cal dissects problems in UK attacking zone

After Kentucky struggled in attacking Vanderbilt’s zone defense Thursday night, Coach John Calipari reviewed the video tape. On Friday, he gave reporters a detailed description of what went wrong.
Highlights (lowlights?) included:
— “We didn’t put the ball where it’s supposed to go on three or four occasions.”
— UK did not make easy plays.
— “Our shooters were not prepared,” he said. “They didn’t want to shoot, so they were getting rid of it now.”
— “We didn’t beat it up court, which is how we play. Because when you walk it up and go against a dead-set (defense) where they can look around (and say) ‘Where is everybody?'” it’s difficult to score.
One problem that did not exist was preparation, Calipari said.
The UK coach said his team prepared for a Vandy zone all week. Only about 10 percent of practice time was devoted to working against a man-to-man defense, he said.
“And that’s what it looked like (that we) worked on,” he said. “But it wasn’t the right thing.”
When asked how a team that prepared all week for a zone could struggle against a zone, Calipari said, “Because you’ve got four freshmen and a sophomore who never played.”
Calipari also noted Julius Mays’ playing last season at mid-major Wright State.
“All of a sudden, you’ve got guys rattled,” he said.