Cal: Harrow ‘become that guy we needed him to be’

Kentucky Coach John Calipari saluted Ryan Harrow as a player who has blossomed into the point guard/floor leader the team needed.
Speaking on the Southeastern Conference coaches teleconference Monday, Calipari noted how Harrow had gained trust.
“His teammates trust him now,” Calipari said.
The UK coach noted how Harrow spends extra time with teammates. For instance, he stays in the gym after completing his individual workouts.
“Talks to them, encourages them,” Calipari said of Harrow’s extra involvement. “He’s become that guy we needed him to do.”
Harrow has learned how leadership translates into service to others, Calipari said.
“You’ve got to be around (teammates),” the UK coach said. “They’ve got to know you’re for them, and then they’ll follow. Then you can lead.
“Leadership is not about walking on the floor and barking orders.”
Calipari repeated recent observations that Harrow has progressed to where the UK coaches believed he could be at the beginning of the season. Now, the question becomes where to go from there.
When asked where Harrow can go, Calipari said, “Why not try to be the best point guard in the country? Why not? Why would you not chase that? Why do anything short of that?
“The way he’s playing right now, assist-to-turnover, shooting percentage, all the stuff we need him to do. On top of that, defending pretty well.”
Calipari saluted Harrow’s defense on the ball and off the ball.
“All the things that guy need to do to be able to lead, he’s doing,” the UK coach said.