Cal works with Poythress individually

Kentucky Coach John Calipari was almost a half-hour late in arriving to Monday’s scheduled meeting with reporters.
He had a good excuse.
Calipari was putting freshman Alex Poythress through an individual workout.
Calipari said he used to work out injured NBA players in such sessions when he coached the New Jersey Nets. The player had to prove his readiness for games by performing well in sessions.
Calipari cited improvement by Poythress from Session I on Sunday to Session II on Monday.
The length of the session was a gauge, the UK coach suggested. The sessions are supposed to last 27 minutes, but extra running to lapses can stretch them longer (think: extra time in soccer).
Poythress’ first session lasted 38 minutes, the UK coach said.
The second session was 27 minutes.
Teammate Ryan Harrow endorsed the individual sessions. He linked his improved play of late to the sessions.
Harrow said that Calipari sets a more encouraging tone in the individual workouts. Calipari did not deny that observation.
The UK coach described the idea behind the sessions as “You help build their confidence.”
Calipari said he intended to make Kyle Wiltjer tougher.
Calipari suggested that fans might not see a noticeable difference in Poythress when Kentucky plays Eastern Michigan on Wednesday.
But a change could be seen by the Southeastern Conference opener next week.
“You’ll say, ‘Wow, is he playing differernt?!” Calipari said.


#1 Greg Walters on 12.31.12 at 2:14 pm

If individual workouts did it for Harrow ( no turnovers ) then by all means bring on the sessions! If and it’s a big (IF) our 1st 7/8 players had been firing on a few more cylinders the Birdie’s could be singing a different tune.

#2 mike mcbride on 12.31.12 at 3:11 pm

It could make Kentucky a title contender if Poythress becomes the player he can be. If anyone can get him to be that player Coach Cal can.