Cal: U of L scramble approach can benefit UK

Kentucky Coach John Calipari welcomed the expectation that Louisville will try to scramble the game on Saturday.
A so-called broken floor can make the game more about making basketball plays rather than executing basketball plays, he said.
“Less about us executing,” Calipari said. “More reacting to 3 on 2, 2 on 1 (situations). Stuff we do better. . . .
“You have to make plays, not run plays.”
Calipari saw the game at Louisville as a gauge on the improvement he hoped Kentucky could gain from the so-called “Camp Cal” extra workouts during the semester break.
When asked about the expected Nerlens Noel-Gorgui Dieng matchup, Calipari said, “We’re going to find out where we are at a lot of positions, and where we have to go.”
One caveat to the welcoming of the chance to make plays rather than run plays: Calipari said UK must be able to withstand physical pressure in order to get in position to make plays.
“This is a game if you can’t physically withstand (U of L’s style), it’s going to show,” he said.