Cal: We don’t need assault weapons

When asked Friday for his reaction to the Connecticut school shooting last week, Kentucky Coach John Calipari questioned the presence of assault weapons in the United States.
“I don’t see a need for assault weapons,” he said. “I don’t see the need at all.”
Earlier this week, Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim called for a ban on assault weapons. Winthrop Coach Pat Kelsey called for the country to address why such shootings occur.
Calipari voiced agreement with both his coaching colleagues.
In addition to questioning the need for assault weapons, Calipari suggested such issues as mental health funding and video games could be part of a national discussion.
“It needs to be a dialogue of how do we come to grips with this,” he said.
Calipari put the question of how to deal with such shootings on a personal level.
“I think we’ve got a lot of bull-headed people,” he said.
If it was their child, I think they’d act.”
Calipari mentioned gun control as an alternative that could be discussed.
Then mimicking a gun enthusiast, the UK coach said, “We don’t need it. I need my assault rifle.”
Then returning to the first person, Calipari added,
What if it’s your child in that room? How would you feel right now? Would you feel the same way?
“I think if we took it and looked at it that way, I think people would deal with it differently and we’d come to terms (with it).
“Its just happening too much now.”