Cal talks heart rates, ‘outside of box’ methods in training

Kentucky Coach John Calipari spoke of sweeping, all-inclusive attention to conditioning and diet as part of the so-called “Camp Cal” activity for players between semesters.
Just don’t ask for any details.
Calipari said he might discuss in further detail the training UK players are undergoing in a few weeks. First, he said, he wants to gather more information.
“Look, I like to have experts talk,” the UK coach said Friday. “Not someone that says (something that can be refuted).
“‘Well, you don’t have all the facts,'” he said in mimicking a potential skeptic. ‘What do you do? Well, I’m a writer.
“What do you know about diet?”
Willie Cauley-Stein said UK players are being told how many calories they expend in a practice (as many as 2,500, he said).
Calipari spoke of attention to individual heart rates. Instead of seeking the target rate for all players, the rate can be set for each individual to maximize the effort, he seemed to suggest.
“I’m not going to talk about what we’re doing because it’s really interesting (and) outside the box,” the UK coach said.
UK hopes the results show in Saturday’s game against Marshall, Calipari said.
“When you watch,” he said, “do they compete at a high level?”