Cal: Will to win, effort are UK priorities

After a 64-50 loss at Notre Dame, Kentucky Coach John Calipari made a will to win and competitive spirit as Job 1 and 1A for his team.
“I’ll help them with all the other stuff,” he said Friday.
“. . . A will to win and competitive spirit is what we’re fighting for right now. When our fans watch these kids play, either they fight like heck and you cheer. Or they aren’t going to fight like heck. They’re going to get beat to balls. They’re going to get beat to offensive rebounds.”
A deficient competitive spirit complicates a coach’s job in getting a team to improve, Calipari said.
“It’s hard for me to evaluate if you don’t compete,” he said. “Because I really don’t know. Is our pick-and-roll defense bad or did you just not compete?”
The schedule further complicates UK’s goal to improve. The Cats play Baylor Saturday afternoon. That will be UK’s second game within 48 hours.
“I wish we had nine days (to prepare),” Calipari said.
The UK coach looked forward to the period between Dec. 5 and 15 when there is only one game.
“Then we have time to really get this right,” Calipari said.
The UK coach cautioned against the assumption that the improvement his previous teams made assures that all will be good with the 2012-13 team.
The current Cats must bring a love of practice, work and improvement, he said.
Said Calipari: “I don’t have a magic wand.”

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#1 UK Dude on 11.30.12 at 6:49 pm

I agree with Cal. Our team this year will improve but they should watch some video of the teams from the last 3 years. D Liggens from a couple of years ago would be good to watch for starters. They need to ask themselves as a team, do I want to make the effort by which I will be remembered? For those that won’t go pro this is their biggest stage. For those that go pro they should listen to the older NBA players whose fondest memories is of there college career, not in the NBA making the big money. Memories can be warm to remember of what you helped to accomplish, money is cold and gets stale real fast (I know I make more than most, not bragging just a lesson learned). Hang in there young cats and do not wait long to discuss and make up your minds, the season will be over before you know it.