Woods amends comments about UK player ‘vibe’

Morehead State Coach Sean Woods said on a Monday teleconference that he did not like the “vibe” he got from Kentucky players at the recent telethon to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims.
Morehead State later sent reporters alerting them to clarifications Woods made on his twitter account.
“In no way were my comments meant to offend or insult the current players at UK,” Woods tweeted. “Simply an observation of today’s youth everywhere.”
Woods also tweeted his admiration for UK Coach John Calipari and re-stated the pride he takes in being a former UK player.
During the teleconference, Woods explained what he meant by the UK player “vibe” he did not like during his appearance at the telethon.
“They didn’t seem like Kentucky basketball players to me, and I’ll leave it at that,” Woods said.
But Woods did elaborate a moment later, saying modern-day players don’t appreciate the game’s history. He also seemed to wonder if UK players this season appreciate what playing for Kentucky means.
“There is just a certain way and a certain look Kentucky basketball players should have,” said Woods, who played for UK in the early 1990s. “And not have such sense of entitlement.
“I think today it’s still an honor to wear that uniform.”
Woods noted how Calipari’s three previous seasons as UK coach have transformed the program into a well-oiled production line that places multiple players in the NBA each season.
The Morehead State coached wondered aloud if that quick path to the NBA leads players to take Kentucky for granted.
“I think these kids should be more appreciative,” Woods said. “. . . You went through there and it helped you become who you are in those six, seven to eight months.”


#1 Rick on 11.19.12 at 5:15 pm

May be a little too late to fear that he might have offended some of the current players. We will find out on Wednesday! :)

#2 tafugate on 11.19.12 at 5:35 pm

as an avid morehead state fan, and one who remembers woods’ play for the unforgettables back in the 90’s, it’s understandable he wouldn’t understand coach cal’s one and dones. woods, feldhaus, and those guys were a completely different breed than the guys looking to fast track to the nba.

#3 Larry T Clemons on 11.19.12 at 5:40 pm

How do you compare Laettner or his NBA history, to Wilt Chamberlin or earl Monroe, give me a break…And, Wood’s state’s, ” they don’t seem like Ky Players to me “, HELLO, ” Mc Fly “, they are 18 year olds, who just arrived to Campus…I remember, my 1 st semester, I didn’t feel like a College Student at Kentucky and I’m from Kentucky… Way to self righteous for me. But, I still love ya, Sean.

#4 Bill Keightley on 11.19.12 at 6:00 pm

Sean Woods is dead correct. The players today play for the back of the uniform and not the front of it. The truth hurts no doubt and I am a huge UK fan.
But sadly, we will never recruit a kid like Sean Woods or a Chuck Hayes again at UK with the present coach.

#5 Steve Wood on 11.19.12 at 7:07 pm

I went to UK in 1969 – 1973… not exactly the “hayday” of top sports teams, being from Louisville, UK is the ONLY college I considered or wanted to attend. The aura and history of UK always stuck with me. My parents took me to football games there when I was only 15 & 16 years old. When I was there, Rupp was still coaching and Joe B. Hall took over after him. Both my wife and two sons graduated from UK (both sons with honors), and we all “bleed blue”. Anyway, whatever John Calipari and whoever our new football coach ends up… I’m behind them 100%. I believe we are changing with the times and evolving to where we need to be… ahead of everyone else…ON TOP !!! GO UK !!!

#6 Clarence James on 11.19.12 at 11:32 pm

As a UK Alum Class of 77 and growing up in Kentucky I know how serious we take our basketball, the tradition the history. The players UK gets now are not from Kentucky have no idea of the history, the tradition that is Kentucky basketball. The players see Kentucky as quick pass to the NBA. Sean Woods as a former player knows what it’s like to wear the Blue and White.
Don’t blame the kids it’s just the nature of the beast, these days.

#7 tim goode on 11.19.12 at 11:58 pm

Sean would not have even been considered to play at UK if his dad hadn’t been coach! Didn’t like him then, still don’t!

#8 HTB on 11.20.12 at 1:47 am

Seems to me there is a hint of jealousy there from Woods.
Yes the Unforgettables were Unforgettable but this is 2012 and the face of Kentucky Basketball and College Basketball is a lot different than it was 20 years ago

#9 LANNY D. on 11.20.12 at 7:17 am

Mr. Woods you need to worry about your own team and not call the Cats out no more. I thought you use to be a UK player. You should respect what UK did for you and stop the comments. You are not cut out to be a head coach. I am very upset with you about talking bad about the team you wore the jersey for and stop knocking Coach Cal about his one and dones. At least he proved in his last year that you can win a national title with a freshman team. I think you owe all the UK fans a apology for your remark.

#10 Gary Maryman on 11.20.12 at 12:59 pm

I recall pleasantly the Unforgettables and numerous previous UK players back yo Cotton Nash…I had not thought about it yet, this early, but Sean is right, most modern players have income on their minds much more than pride in the uniform…that is highly unfortunate especially when such tradition as UK (and many others as well) is present. I often regret where the college game has come…indeed it is a game that lacks the quality and most importantly the dignity of years past. That you for the excellent memories Sean.

#11 Larry T Clemons on 11.20.12 at 3:00 pm

Sean Says” Alex is no Mashburn ” and he’s right, at this point of the Season, alex is Better…Sean, Jamal as a FRESHMAN in his first 3 games…geesh, Wood’s put things in perspective, before you comment, it seems you speak personally and not reality…I believe Kyle has the knowledge and perspective to make that comment. 3 games SEAN, dang… I need to look up Jamal’s stats for the first few games and compare, hummm…

Larry T Clemons says:
November 20, 2012 at 12:02 pm
OK, Sean are you ready…Mashburn’s first 3 Games (12 pts, 18 pts, 14 pts), Your right Kyle was wrong Alex is actually Better Than Mash, so far…and another point, Jamal only scored more than 20 points in 3 games The Entire Freshman Season. I bet Alex will doulbe that…Hmmm. Sean, seems your lack of Knowledge on Kentucky Basketball is a little cloudy…And, this is exactlly what you complained about towards Our Current Team. I wish these facts on your hypocracy, would get as much press as your statements, shaming Our Current Players. ” Jamal, Wow, I don’t know about that one “,Woods says. Sean, Your Right You don’t know ! And, I think you owe a group of young men an apology. But, that would take a real Man and a great Coach, step up Brother…

#12 james K Kee on 11.20.12 at 6:21 pm

I aleady have!!! One and done has made one of the most reveered basketball programs thanks to people
like Alex Groza, Frank Beard and Wah Wah Jones and
don’t leave out Adolph Rupp who developed a program based on not only winning but professional integrity as well!!! This manufacturing plant is geared to one thing
and that is winning. The respect of Kentucky Basketball is slipping badly! JKKEE

#13 robert johnson on 11.20.12 at 6:48 pm

Sorry guys, me and Sean must just be old, but I just detest what kentucky basketball is now. Can they win, of course. But to me college basketballs atmosphere is really different now and not for the better. The rivalries and players coming back and playing for several years against each other made it more interesting. Can Calipari coach, well yes but his legacy is not one I admire. Probations, win at any cost, and yes thats what is demanded if a coach at kentucky basketball or Alabama football is going to keep his job but there is something tainted and flawed. Obviously something is wrong with college basketball as attendance and tv ratings decrease.