Krzyzewski, Cal talk flops and jokes

After Duke took four charges against Kentucky in the first half Tuesday night, UK Coach John Calipari vented his frustration as he left the court.
Calipari told a sideline reporter that Duke was flopping and would be fined if playing in the NBA.
When asked about the comments after UK’s 75-68 loss, Calipari said he he didn’t remember saying that.
“I did?” he said.”I don’t even remember.”
When a reporter told him of the comments, Calipari said, “It was a joke. C’mon, you guys at Duke can take a joke, can’t you?”
Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski seemed to be aware of the comments. He did not seem to find Calipari’s accusation of flopping amusing.
“You know, I really don’t pay attention — not just to John — but other coaches,” he said. “So, really, I don’t really care what anybody says.”
When a reporter recalled Calipari’s comments, Krzyzewski said, “Well, I mean, he has a right to say whatever he wants.
“I thought we took some amazing charges, and I thought we took a couple more (in the second half).
“There’s a difference between a charge and a flop. A flop means you didn’t take any contact. I would hope anybody who watches the game will say our kids really play outstanding defense and were there to take charges.”
As for hypothetical fines by the NBA, Krzyzewski said, “We don’t make any money, so we can’t be fined.”