Cal: Charity work a key part of being UK coach

Kentucky Coach John Calipari said he would be cheating his exalted position if he didn’t use it help with charity endeavors.

“If you want to cheat that position, you sit in there and watch basketball tapes,” he said Thursday at a news conference unveiling an effort to improve Kentuckians’ financial acumen.

“I understand what my job is here: coach  basketball. But I think I cheat that position if that’s all I think about all day.”

Calipari’s attention figured to turn back to basketball when he left the news conference. He left to conduct a practice for the Dominican Republic team he’s coaching. Those practices will continue Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The team will play exhibitions Monday and Tuesday, then leave for the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, Calipari said of his upcoming schedule. Then travel to Brazil for a week and then on to Argentina for competition.

“The day I come back, I’m in the first home (for the in-home recruiting period),” Calipari said. The UK coach spoke of in-home visits for a 10-day to two-week period.

“When I’m done, no one will find me for at least a week,” he said. “If my wife wants to find me, fine. If not, that’s fine, too.

“But, then, I will shut it down.”

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#1 emily on 08.12.11 at 5:49 am

Being the coach of a national team means more than just coaching your players. Being involved in charity work is a requirement because a coach is also the image of the team and the brain too. I learned from Yuri Mintskovsky that doing charity make a man big and not his profession.