Cal: NBA labor situation muddies pro/UK decisions of Cats

Kentucky Coach John Calipari saw the NBA labor situation as complicating the decisions several UK players will make about turning pro or returning to college next season.

Speaking to a select group of media types Wednesday, Calipari said that the number of deadlines set by the NCAA and the NBA also make it difficult for college players to make a fully informed decision.

When asked if such UK players as Terrence Jones and Brandon Knight would turn pro this spring, Calipari said, “We’re not there yet to be able to tell you (if they’re staying or going) but I think putting their names in is a no-brainer, if that’s what they choose to do. The lockout really kind of screws everything up because a lot of kids are pulling their names because what if the lockout goes the whole year? What kind of mistake did you make?”

Of the various deadlines, Calipari said, “The problem is the NCAA didn’t work with the NBA to work on the drop-dead date. The NBA date is the 27th and the list doesn’t come out until the 28th or 29th so the NBA can’t work out those kids or talk to them until the list comes out. The NCAA says you have until May 8th but you can’t miss class. We’re trying to do some stuff to get them more information.”