Cal: Lamb 15 pounds and one year from being lottery pick

Kentucky Coach John Calipari described Doron Lamb as a lottery pick . . . in 2012.
“He and I talked that if he gains 15 pounds of muscle weight, in my opinion, he’ll be a lottery pick a year from now,” the UK coach said. “His feel for the game is as good as any out there. He finally took on a defensive presence (late in the year) and as he gets physically stronger and tougher and rougher you’re not going to take away his feel for the game or his ability to make shots. So I think what happens is him with 15 more pounds, how are you going to guard him?”

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#1 Larry721 on 04.13.11 at 4:38 pm

I believe this Team enjoys playing together and being coached by John Calipari, that’s priceless one on one tutorial . Not to mention the Fun for next years team with a deeper bench…In My Opinion they all return, only possible jump DeAndre Liggins for Financial support to his Family, but in his heart Dre wants to stay also.