Cal: Knight’s willingness to be coached ‘gone through roof’

During his turn on a SEC teleconference Monday, Kentucky Coach John Calipari noted the improvement made by Brandon Knight this season. The UK coach said that Knight began the season making too many turnovers and not handing out enough assists. “He’s flipped that completely around,” Calipari said.
Calipari also noted improved defense.
“He was awful in pick-and-roll defense early in the season,” the UK coach said. “Now he’s pretty good.”
Besides better shot selection and communication, Knight has also became more coaching, Calipari said.
“His ‘coachability’ has just gone through the roof,” Calipari said. “Early on, like all freshmen, it took him time to accept he was going to be coached. You’re going to be coached. You’re going nto be told. When you’re right or wrong, you’re going to be told, coached, challenged.
‘He’s gotten better and better and better.”