Cal not ready to recommend NBA to any UK player

When John Wall was starring for Kentucky last season, Coach John Calipari memorably said he’d wrestle the freshman in order to force him to enter the 2010 NBA Draft.

When asked Friday if he’d recommend the 2011 NBA Draft to any of this season’s freshmen, Calipari paused before saying, “If today, probably not. But we’re still a month away (from making a decision).”


#1 Tom on 02.25.11 at 10:21 pm

Say it ain’t so Cal, say it ain’t so! You mean that we can expect all of last year’s signers to return? What will that do to the new commitments that are waiting for their year in Rupp and then off to the NBA? Will this mean the one’s coming in this year might have been mislead about you gift of getting players in the BIGS was just recruiting smoke? We know your wouldn’t mislead a young man, or at least remember it.

#2 Chris on 02.25.11 at 10:27 pm

Tone it down Tom. It’s obvious that these guys are not ready to play at this level, much less the next. Not to mention, why would anyone want to leave college when lots of people are saying there may not even be an NBA season next year due to lockout. No season=no paycheck for these guys. Plus, if you’re not a first rounder, there’s no guaranteed money. Lots of options to consider for a group of guys obviously not ready to play at the next level.