Todd: Extending Barnhart a ‘favor’ to next UK prez

Less than five months before his time as UK president expires, Lee Todd extended the contract of Director of Athletics Mitch Barnhart.

When asked Wednesday if the new eight-year deal and 26.3 percent salary increase for Barnhart might affect the pool of UK presidential candidates, Todd bristled.

“Absolutely not,” he said. “I’m doing a heck of a favor for the next person to be president of this university. And don’t think I’m not.”

When Barnhart came to UK nine years ago, he dismissed several members of the existing athletic staff and brought in his own people.

This led a reporter to ask Todd why he didn’t afford the next UK president the same opportunity.

“Well, the new president can still do that, if they want to,” Todd said. “We haven’t taken that opportunity away. . .  .

“But I will tell you with every beat of my heart, this is a positive for the next president of this university.”

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#1 Tom on 02.10.11 at 12:25 am

Terrible. To think that I’ll be well into my 70’s if he fulfills the contract to the end is a joke. The guy has had nine years to as they implied, to ‘fix’ the athletic program. We can throw all the money we want into the programs but tell me if we’re well on the way, why are we 10th in the all sports trophy in the SEC?
We’re a joke in everything but basketball, and who knows, maybe one NCAA investigation from having to rebuild that again.
Some one on the athletic board needs the guts to ask how his seven year, 15 championship thing is going. Started 12-9-2008 and I can only think of three so far. Last years two in basketball and the rifle team. Great.
Discouraged? More than I could ever explain.