Cal will be part of GameDay show

Even as the visiting team, Kentucky will part of the show  when ESPN’s GameDay originates from Florida on Saturday.

UK Coach John Calipari will join Florida Coach Billy Donovan on the set before the game.

The GameDay crew at the game will be Rece Davis, Jay Bilas, Digger Phelps and Hubert Davis.

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Earlier this season, GameDay originated at Tennessee with Vanderbilt as the opponent.
When asked about being part of GameDay, Vandy Coach Kevin Stallings said, “Well, honestly, unless it’s (in Nashville), I don’t really care. We’ll play where we play and where the game shows up on the schedule. It would feel differently if it was going to be a  home situation. But going on the road, honestly, I don’t give it much thought.”


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#2 kentuck1 on 02.04.11 at 1:29 am

He may say that our Cats were a little over-rated? They are learning every day and they are studying very hard to be the best they can be. We hope to have a competitive team by years end.

The Coach has many strengths, amongst them his ability to communicate, his psychology with young players, his motivational techniques.

But he is not the best coach for late game strategizing. He seems to believe that if the team is prepared and mentally ready to play, they would need no late-game coaching. As a team, they would know what to do. Because they communicate with each other.

The Coach sets a good example for the Wildcats. He has his detractors and always will. It’s his demeanor. He gets totally involved with the game. He is not detached like some coaches, maybe Dean Smith or Coach K at Duke. Perhaps he needs to meditate more?