Cal: UK executing better this season than last

Kentucky Coach John Calipari said on Monday that UK’s team is better than last season’s 35-3 powerhouse.

“We’re executing better than last year’s team,” Calipari said. “. . . We just don’t have as many pieces.”

UK’s six-man rotation brought a question to mind: Is UK’s freshman-oriented team hitting the metaphorical wall.

When asked if fatigue might be a factor in UK’s uneven play, wing DeAndre Liggins said, “Maybe.”

But Calipari dismissed the notion.

“I think we hit the wall last week,” the UK coach said. “I think we bounced through it.”

Calipari noted how practices are shorter this time of the season.

Plus, the UK coach added, there are only 10 practices left in the regular season. That didn’t count the scaled down workouts the day before games.

“You can’t go hard for 10 practices?” Calipari said of a rhetorical question he’d bounce off the players.


#1 kentuck1 on 02.01.11 at 11:52 am

The Super Six? Hmmmm..

The bench is short but they are interchangeable. The Coach has done a great job of substituting in different positions.

I agree that this team is executing better than last year’s. Look at the turnovers. They pass better and they shoot better also.

#2 John Ellis on 02.01.11 at 3:19 pm

That was even more true earlier in the season, last year’s team was often a mess redeemed by great plays. This year’s team does not have a Wall or Cousins who can consistently turn a game around with a play or a flurry (Jones has shown flashes). This year’s team has also played a significantly more difficult schedule and I don’t know that last year’s team wouldn’t have had the same record at this point, more likely three losses as Wall would have made that last winning play.

#3 John Ellis on 02.01.11 at 3:20 pm

play…against Alabama.