Draft best day in UK basketball history?

Kentucky made history at the NBA Draft by becoming the first college team to produce five first-round picks.

In perhaps bit of runaway hyperbole, UK Coach John Calipari has suggested it was the beset day in Kentucky basketball history.

Radio host Dan Patrick questioned whether a NBA Draft could be the best day for a program that has won seven national championships and has more victories than any other Division I program.

“Depends on your frame of reference,” said Calipari, who appeared on Patrick’s show Friday.

Calipari went on to note that four players had graduated and that UK was in a “players-first program” that had seen the NBA Draft fulfill dreams.

“I’m going to encourage it,” Calipari told Patrick. “. . . I like coaching the best. That’s why I like goingn on a radio show with you. I like talking to the best.”

Later, Patrick asked Calipari a pointed question: Which would the UK coach prefer: a national championship or a night like the NBA Draft?”

Calipari avoided a direct answer. He said he’d won both. Then he said that having multiple first-rounders would lead to a national championship eventually.