No Letter of Intent a ‘precautionary measure’ for Knight

Tonya Knight, the mother of Kentucky recruit Brandon Knight, described the preference for signing a financial aid offer rather than a National Letter of Intent as “Just a precautionary measure.”

During a telephone conversation Tuesday, the player’s mother noted the greater freedom a financial aid offer allows should a prospect change his mind.

“You always want a way out in case the coach leaves,” said Tonya Knight, who added that she expected no problems with her son’s commitment to Kentucky.

Brandon Knight is one of the most highly-regarded prospects in the high school class of 2010. He and his family let all schools involved in the recruiting process know that Brandon would not want to sign a National Letter of Intent.

Tonya Knight seemed taken aback when asked how the family learned of the option of a financial aid offer, which is less binding than a National Letter of Intent.

“Why wouldn’t we be aware of it?” she said. “. . . My husband and I are very informed. We read everything.

“I don’t understand how any parent would not be aware. As a parent, that’s your job.”

Mrs. Knight acknowledged that as a highly-rated prospect, her son might be in a greater position to take advantage of preferring a financial aid offer. A school might take a take it-or-leave it approach with a lesser player.

“We always want to put him in a position to have options,” she said.

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#1 Bill Johnson on 04.20.10 at 3:06 pm

Typical Jerry Tipton, asking dumb questions and inference that the parents of Brandon Knight are not smart, savy people who are looking out for their child. Jerry you do more damage to the good will of Kentucky with your columns and bloggs.