Cal expects critics to attack UK

During an appearance on the Mike Francesa radio show on New York’s The Fan, Kentucky Coach John Calipari said he did not know anything about Derrick Rose’s invalidated college entrance exam score.

Calipari said Memphis players took an us-against-them approach to critics and tried to create their own reality within the team. He said he advised Kentucky players to do the same while telling them to expect criticism.

Here’s a transcript provided by the Francesa show:

Did you know about anything going on with Derrick Rose?

“No, but here’s my point in all this: no question those are black marks and I’m really disappointed, I wish that rules were changed, they were changed five years later with the Camby stuff.  The rules were changed so those games wouldn’t have been vacated five years later.  Back then it was even hard and fast… I said back then when this first hit, ‘I gotta read the book, and I’ve gotta stay positive, and I gotta look forward’ because fate intervenes in your life at times, it intervenes.  Some of it very good; I’m at Kansas, why was I ever at the University of Kansas?  How did I get out there?  I met my wife out there.  Fate intervenes, but there are other times, fate intervenes the other way.”

On how the scandal effected his Memphis team:

“If you talk to any of those other kids, they all look at this – it’s not fair to them – but they all look at this, all of them are looking at this and saying ‘No one’s taking away from us and what we did.’  What we did, we created our own happiness.  I’m telling my Kentucky team right now, we’re going to get it from all corners because right now it’s on, we’re gonna get it from all corners.  We have to create our own happiness, and it’s gotta come from us, and that team loved each other.  I gotta create that in this team.”