Cal sends UK jersey to Obama; fans cry foul

Apparently some fans objected to Kentucky Coach John Calipari sending a UK jersey to President Barack Obama.

Calipari told fans about the gesture on Wednesday. On his website, he held up a No. 44 jersey and asked fans to guess where he planned to send it. Later Calipari turned the jersey around to reveal the name “Obama” on the back.

Apparently several fans posted objections to the gift, which prompted an explanation from the UK coach.

“Folks – I think everyone is missing my intention of sending a jersey to the President,” Calipari posted on his Facebook page. “There was NOTHING political about it – it was simply a way of spreading the word of Big Blue Nation into the White House! I apologize if I offended anyone – that was not my intention. I know politics and sports don’t mix, but a friend offered to give ‘Bounce Back’ to the President and we figured we could send along a jersey as well.”

Two hours later, Calipari made another post explaining that he had removed the critical fan comments from the coach’s Facebook page.

“I deleted the original post because there were comments not appropriate for this Facebook page,” Calipari wrote. “I hope we can all understand that what I’m trying to do every day I occupy this seat is to let more and more poeple know what special places our university and our commonwealth are. Now, back to basketball.”

Some people applauded Calipari’s gesture.

“Don’t sweat it, coach. You’re doing a fine job,” one fan wrote.

Another fan wrote, “I think (Sarah) Palin would look sexy in that No. 44 jersey, coach.”

As some fans pointed out, this wasn’t the first time that a UK coach got into political hot water. Then UK Coach Rick Pitino irritated some fans by appearing on stage with Bill Clinton at the end of a presidential election.