Best guess: Meeks to decide this weekend

I believe that all the Internet talk about Jodie Meeks having decided to return to Kentucky are premature at best and possibly wrong. The speculation has even reached the point of Meeks’ decision being announced on Thursday.

Wrong with a capital R.

Meeks flew to Chicago on Wednesday. He’s working out for the Chicago Bulls on Thursday morning.

Which raises a question: Why would Meeks bother with the trip and workout if he’d already decided to return to UK?

I believe the plan is as follows: Meeks will work out for the Bulls. This will be his final workout. Then he plans to sit down with his family this weekend and decide.

The deadline is Monday for players to withdraw from the NBA draft and return to college. The NBA draft is June 25.

Meeks has worked out with several NBA teams. UK Coach John Calipari had advised players to withdraw from the draft process if they had a bad workout or two. So Meeks must be performing well for teams since he’s still working out for teams.

Mock drafts have Meeks being taken in the second round. The key word there is “mock.” No one knows where any player will be selected. As NBA officials like to say, it only takes one team to make a player a first rounder or lottery pick.