Gillispie to give ESPN ‘all access’

Kentucky has given ESPN access to its preparations for the game at South Carolina on Wednesday. ESPN will use this look behind the curtain as part of its All-Access series. The UK material will air on ESPN’s GameDay show on Saturday.

As part of the access, ESPN will follow the team around as soon as it lands in Columbia on Tuesday. The access includes practice, film sessions, the shoot-around the day of the game and the game itself.

UK Coach Billy Gillispie will wear a microphone during these various activities.

FYI: Jeannine Edwards, the sideline reporter who covers the Southeastern Conference for ESPN, is not part of the All-Access crew.

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#1 John Wolfinger on 02.25.09 at 9:26 pm

I am embarrassed to think about what will be evident about UK Basketball on ESPN game access. We need to get rid of both Barnhart and Gillispie. UK can get by without an A.D.